One God

We believe in the one holy, true, eternal God revealed in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Everlasting Life

Christ came to give us full, authentic, eternal life. Though we still live in this imperfect world we have a taste of the beauty that is to come. As people in Christ’s kingdom we seek to live in such a way that there is a glimpse of the life to come in our temporal existence here on earth.

Forgiveness of Sin

God rescued us in and through Jesus, who died for our sins on a cross. We do not fully understand this, but we know that our sins have been forgiven, our lives have been changed, and the chains have been removed. Jesus died to set us free so that we might live for him.

Ministry of all Believers

Every follower of Jesus is called to recognize that they have not only been called into a new relationship with God, but that they have also been called into a new relationship with people. Every believer is entrusted with the responsibilities of discipleship, prayer, leading in worship and administering the sacraments.

Freedom of Belief

Christians are called to gather around one essential belief: a faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the world. Aside form this there is freedom of belief in non-essential doctrine when one is genuinely seeking God through prayer and the study of Scripture.

Unity of the Church

We believe that all Christians regardless of denomination or tradition are called to set aside their differences and celebrate the common bond that we have in Jesus Christ.


We have confidence in the Holy Scriptures as the most complete revelation of God’s redemptive work in history. We approach this subject humbly recognizing that it is impossible to capture the fullness of God in finite human language recorded by flawed individuals. Still we trust that God was at work in the writing and compiling of the Bible and we trust the Bible as our standard of truth.


In baptism, the old self-centered life is set aside and washed away, and a new life of trust in God begins. At Canvas we practice believer’s baptism by immersion, however other traditions of baptism are honored.