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"Kiumbe."   6/100 |   Paper and book binding on art board

"Kiumbe." 6/100 | Paper and book binding on art board

"The Eye" |   Encaustic wax abstract painting on rice paper

"The Eye" | Encaustic wax abstract painting on rice paper

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Lanecia A. Rouse Tinsley, and I'm a creative based in Houston, TX. My work includes photography, abstract painting, teaching, writing & speaking.  

Studio D at Hardy & Nance Streets Studios is where my creativity often blooms. Most days you will find me there sipping on a cup of coffee with music playing as I create work that reflects what life has revealed to me about healing, freedom, and beauty found in everyday experiences. I make art to record stories, make feelings visible, make visible the unknowns and stretch one's ability to see beauty in all of life--especially the places where our eyes may struggle the most to see. Photography, encaustic wax and acrylics are my mediums of choice.  

Life has taught me that we all have creative potential and the need to encounter beauty.  As an artist, I believe my call is to create opportunities for people to encounter beauty through the work of my hands and the spaces I cultivate for them to tap into their creativity.  

One of the ways I do this is by offering monthly art making workshops in my studio space. I create space for art to happen and watch creativity flow through the unique hands of each participant. There is something incredibly life-giving about hosting people around my art table, guiding and empowering them to make are they can truly delight in. These moments are sacred for me. They fuel my own work and constantly stretch my own ability to see. 

Recently, after back to back tragedies hit the national scene (the murders at Pulse Night Club, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the officers of the Dallas PD), I offered a free Art & Prayer workshop in my studio for people to engage in creative introspection through the art making process. I decided to invite others into a process that was helping me healing and journey through the various signs within that were too deep for words. The night was powerful and I left knowing this too is very much apart of what it means for me to be an artist in Houston. 

My goal for this fall is to start a Kickstarter to raise enough money to offer free Art & Prayer workshops to the community in my studio throughout the year. The Art & Prayer workshop I design is one of the ways I'm called to participate in creating a more just, good and beautiful world for all people.  It is a space for good art, community and healing to happen, where all are welcomed and given room to be breathe deeply.  Art making slows us down and enables us to breathe. 

I am incredibly thankful for the privilege to do this work in Houston and hope to continue to add to its beauty. 

"then the day came when exhaling was not an option." 5/100 | Paper, oil paint and encaustic wax medium on art board

"then the day came
when exhaling
was not an option." 5/100 | Paper, oil paint and encaustic wax medium on art board

What is the story behind this piece?

This piece is one of my #100DayProject mixed media collage pieces. I began the journey on August 1, as a way to challenge myself as an artist and commit to showing up to my work daily as I transitioned back to studio life after a weeks on the road teaching workshops. Each day I sit with a collection of images, poetry/writings and and my journal, and then allow the conversation between all of these elements enter into conversation with each other. 

This piece was inspired by the pieces before, which all began with a journal reflection on the poem "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou, my story of growing up as a African-American heterosexual woman in the USA and the various other stories of being African-American and a woman in the USA.

For me this piece speaks of becoming, strength and freedom. I've found that most of the first collages I've done seem to be emerging from a chrysalis state.

"First Day of Spring: Part 1" |   Original print mounted on cradled wood panel

"First Day of Spring: Part 1" | Original print mounted on cradled wood panel

What is the most influential book you have read?

Since childhood reading has been apart of my life's rhythm. I tend to believe each book I've read has influenced and shaped me in some way. Possibly the most influential book I've read besides the Bible for me, in this season of life is the book Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils (and Rewards) of Art making, because it will not let me give up on fighting to be the artist I know I am. I carry it in my bag daily. 

I also feast on OnBeing podcasts pretty regularly and the conversations often carry over into my studio work. Krista Tippet is brilliant!

"Joy & Sorrow" |   Acrylic, ink & Polaroid

"Joy & Sorrow" | Acrylic, ink & Polaroid

Contact Information

LAR Art Studio: I studio out of Hardy & Nance Streets Studios, Studio D

LAR Art Studios Workshops:

Website: (link to Sign Up for my newsletter is on the Home Page)


Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @larartstudio

I also sell selected photography prints with Society6 my shop is:

I sell art out of my studio and on my website. You can contact me via my website for a studio visit, or visit the 3rd Saturday of every month starting Saturday, September 17, for Open Studios at Hardy & Nance Streets Studios to view & purchase work. 

"Through" |   Encaustic, paper, wax photo transfer on art board

"Through" | Encaustic, paper, wax photo transfer on art board