Core Values

Authentic Community

People were created to be in community with one another, yet meaningful, face-to-face interaction is becoming increasingly difficult in our laptop culture.

While the Canvas community is diverse politically, theologically and socially we are committed to each other in a very real way. So we come together, despite our differences, in order to nurture a safe place for caring, committed community to thrive.

Christian Spirituality

There are various forms of spirituality represented in America today and while we respect all belief systems, holding that truth can be found in each of them, we believe that Christianity is the fullest representation of the truth of God’s action in and on behalf of the world.

At Canvas we worship God through Christ Jesus and participate in orthodox forms of Christian spirituality practiced throughout the world, seeking to touch the heart of the one true God of the cosmos.

Expressive Freedom

God is an infinitely creative being.  While God could have made the Earth grey and dull and we wouldn’t have known the difference, he chose to hide beauty in every corner of the universe.  In fact, in Genesis when God says that he is going to make human beings in his image, one of the only things we know about him is that he is the Creator.

At Canvas we encourage free expression of thoughts, ideas and worship.  We encourage artistic and other forms of expression as worship to God.  We believe that creativity and expression are an important part of the unique space that humanity occupies in the cosmos.

Social Justice

Because of our commitment to allowing Christ’s value system to supersede our own or that of our culture, and because we are committed to loving others as Christ loves us, we recognize a need to lift up those in our society who are marginalized.

We believe in equality and justice, and it is our hope that those who are treated as “less than” would be lifted up and see their value in the eyes of their Creator.

Faith Sharing

As followers of Christ we genuinely try to obey the command to love ‘our neighbor’. As such, we want everyone that we come in contact with to experience the fullest life possible. So we engage in intentional spiritual conversations with the people in our lives when prompted by the Holy Spirit. We know God reveals himself in many ways; acknowledging this, we seek to be led by the Holy Spirit as we share our faith with others so that all may find truth.