If you were out of town last week or your were sick and didn’t want to inflict your ailment on others, if you can’t remember that thing that someone said a couple of weeks ago that made you think, if you want to check out the nature of our messages before you come to a worship service, below are links to sermons from the past several weeks.

Healthy Community: Boundaries

What do healthy communities look like? We at CANVAS are committed to being a safe spiritual community so that all people feel like they can be their most authentic selves. One way we do that is by knowing what our boundaries are. This week we look at what that means: I am safe and free to be Me; you are safe and free to be You. Each person has several layers to their self. Any time someone tries to use any of their layers to change any of ours (or vice versa), that is a boundary violation.


Advent Week 2: Hope on the Margins

When we look at the Christmas narrative, who are the main characters? And what does that mean for us as humans today? The hope and good news is that the Christmas story is for everyone!

Advent Week 3: Power Structures

The human desire to seek power, control and resources over the lives of people - children - is timeless. What does the Christmas narrative tell us about those kinds of power structures? This week we look at ‘The Slaughter of the Innocents’ in Matthew 2 and see the deep, powerful Hope of God’s nearness in the midst of chaos and corruption.

Advent Week 1: A Feminine God

If Emmanuel is ‘God WITH US’, what does that mean for our humanity? What does it mean for women? This week we look at the Christmas story at the role of women.

If our religion only resonates with masculinity and male language, we will ALWAYS have subconscious and spiritual barriers to seeking wholeness and equality for women [i.e. ALL people].

Sabbath as Resistance

Authenticity: Prodigal Compassion

Luke 15:11-32

It requires radical safety & compassion for people to be their most authentic selves. People will not reveal their most candid selves if belonging & relationship are threatened to be removed. CANVAS is committed to being a place of prodigal compassion:

There is nothing anyone can say, or do, or be that would rend you unworthy of love, connection & belonging.

Radical Belonging

One of our most sacred tasks and callings as a spiritual community is to be a space of radical belonging: that every person can be Seen, Heard, Valued. That we would be a SAFE place for all humans: a place of friendship.

Mission of Church: Expanding Shalom

Today we explore how The [global] Church participates in God’s Ministry of Reconciliation: seeking shalom and expanding God’s blessing, favor, and goodness to others.

Genesis 1:26-31
Genesis 12: 1-3
Matthew 4:23-24
Mark 9:1-2