Pastor Ashley is a nearly-native Houstonian and has lived in the area for the past 30 years, minus a few years in Los Angeles. Her background is in music performance. Several years ago she began exploring the ways music and the arts can compliment spirituality and healing. Her work the past couple of years has been focused on bringing healing and spiritual support to those with stories of trauma, addiction and abuse through the arts. Ashley is passionate and ever-curious about what it means to have an embodied, relevant, holistic faith. In her free time you'll find Ashley being Mama to her son and fur-baby, playing music, getting centered in nature, drinking coffee, and Hip-Hop dancing.




Charla is a dentist-turned-musician, from a music-making family. She began writing music in the 90s, when an unexpected shift towards creativity took place in her sense of vocation. Since then, Charla has played in coffee shops, festivals, churches, and house concerts. One of her major passions is collaborating and partnering with other musicians and artists, merging folk, ethereal rock and bluegrass to create her eclectic, raw, organic sound. Charla returned to Texas in 2016 after spending eight years creating and performing in Nashville. She has served at CANVAS Church Houston for the past year. She counts creativity as one of the weightiest honors she's ever received, believing it to be one of the most intense access points to God the Creator and Healer. To listen to some of Charla's work for free, visit: